Rose City Astronomers Youth Program
Individual Student Memberships are available for  students in grades 5-12 whose parents are NOT members of RCA
RCA Family memberships include all family members including students - individual memberships are not required for family members.

Astronomy is an activity the whole family can enjoy, and the Rose City Astronomers is especially interested in encouraging and helping young people becoming skilled observers. The RCA Youth Program includes programs and activities designed to help younger astronomers (fifth grade and higher) learn the basics of astronomy and using a telescope to explore the night sky.

RCA Youth Astronomy Academy - A curriculum of astronomy education and hands-on observing designed for students in grades 5-8

The Youth Astronomy Academy is a benefit of RCA Membership and if the student is a member of an RCA family membership, then the fee will be $50 per class.
If the student is not a member of an RCA Family, then they can obtain their own Student membership for an additional $12 (with all the privileges of RCA membership) in addition to the class fee.


Classes: Four Saturday Mornings once a month
  ** Introduction to Observing - Students will learn about objects astronomers look at in our universe and how to navigate the night sky to find planets, stars and other interesting objects with binoculars or a telescope.
  Contact the RCA Youth Director, Katherine Kornei at youth@rosecityastronomers.org for more information.

Telescope Making Classes - Build your own telescope


Build your own 8" Telescope from a kit with help at the RCA Telescope Workshops

  . Contact the RCA Youth Director, Katherine Kornei at youth@rosecityastronomers.org for more information.

Telescope Mentoring


 One on One help from an experienced RCA member helping you with your telescope


Contact the RCA Youth Director, Katherine Kornei at youth@rosecityastronomers.org for more information.

Other Resources and Programs

Family Friendly Events
* OMSI Stub Stewart & Rooster Rock Star Parties (dusk -11:30 pm) - omsi.edu/starparties

Golden State Star Party - Young Astronomers

* Brothers Star Party for the Oregon Observatory formerly the Mt Bachelor Star Party at Sunriver
* Oregon Star Party - they don't advertise it, but they have an excellent 1-on-1 youth mentoring program
* Table Mountain Star Party - Student Astronomer Program
Youth Academic Activities
* Saturday Academy - Various Earth & Space Science Classes
* Jesuit High School - Summer Classes in Science
* OMSI Camp Hancock, "Astronomy Camp"
* Cub Scouts Astronomy Badge - usscouts.org/advance/CubScout/academics/astronomy.asp
* Boy Scouts Astronomy Badge - scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/MeritBadges/mb-ASTR.aspx
* Brownies Space Explorer Badge - astronomy.org/programs/girlscouts.html
* Junior Girl Scouts Sky Search Badge - astronomy.org/programs/girlscouts.html
* Senior Girl Scout Sky Badge - orgsites.com/ga/gstroop24258/_pgg4.php3
* An Astronomical League Observing program for 7-11 year olds is called "The Sky Puppy Club" -  astroleague.org/al/obsclubs/skypuppy/skypuppy2.htm
* An Astronomical League Observing program for teens and 'tweens is called "The Universe Sampler Club" - astroleague.org/al/obsclubs/univsamp/univsamp.html
* Nasa Science for Kids - http://science.nasa.gov/kids/
* NASA Space Place for Kids - The Space Place at NASA - Climate for kids at NASA - Sci Jinks at NASA
* SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
* Ask an Astronomer at Cornell University
* Ask an Astrophysicist at NASA
* Careers in Astronomy

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