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Matt Vartanian
Near Earth Wonders - a Survey of Atmospheric Phenomena
October 21st, 2013

Matt Vartanian, an RCA member  and author of the Oregon Star Party's most challenging observing lists will be doing a presentation on atmospheric phenomena and how it affects your viewing abilities.

The sky is home to many visual wonders some closer to earth than others. When attending a star party sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate. When this happens the weather itself can be the source of enjoyment for the educated observer.

This presentation will explore the many atmospheric phenomena that occur within our atmosphere during both day and night, under both clear skies and overcast. In this survey Matt will cover common and not so common occurrences in the sky and explain the mechanics behind these often spectacular sights. From Sundogs to St. Elmo's fire come learn what you can see in the sky.


Photo by Diana Todd

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