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Kevin Covey and Stephen Levine
"Observing with the Discovery Channel Telescope and the Lowell Amateur Research Initiative"
March 18th, 2013

During our general meeting on Monday, March 18th, weather at the telescope permitting, we will receive a tour of the Discovery Channel Telescope and its control room, conducted live via video teleconference, as the DCT team prepares for and begins to conduct an observing session. Our hosts will be Kevin Covey and Lowell Astronomer and Deputy Director of Technology Stephen Levine.

The night's observations will likely include several targets associated with existing LARI programs, including a dwarf irregular galaxy in the LITTLE THINGS Survey and a highly variable young star that Kevin is studying. If these observations are successful, RCA members will be invited to participate in processing and analyzing this imaging data. SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE

In the unfortunate event that the weather doesn't cooperate, some portions or all of this program could be canceled or rescheduled. Snow at the telescope is still fairly likely at the time of our meeting and the road to the telescope may be impassible.

Lowell Observatory partnered with Discovery Communications to build the $53 million DCT, which will be utilized by astronomers at Lowell and several partner institutions, including Boston University, the University of Maryland/Goddard Space Flight Center, and the University of Toledo.

The DCT will take observations both in optical and near-infrared wavelengths. Planned projects for the new telescope include a spectroscopic survey of Kuiper Belt objects, comet observations, and a study of the relationship between mass and luminosity in the youngest, most massive stars.

Perched at 7,760 feet on the edge of a cinder cone 40 miles southeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, is Lowell Observatorys new Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT).

At 4.3 meters, the DCT is the fifth-largest telescope in the
continental United States.

The DCT will be used to study a broad range of topics, extending from objects in our own solar system to the large-scale structure of the universe. The Kuiper Spectral Survey will utilize the LMI and NIHTS to characterize hundreds of Kuiper Belt objects. The LITTLE THINGS Survey is scrutinizing 41 nearby dwarf irregular galaxies to understand how star formation proceeds in the smallest galaxies. Lowell Research Astronomer and RCA member Kevin Covey will use the DCT to study the formation and evolution of low-mass stars, and the planetary systems they may host.

Stephen Levine's Bio -- http://www.lowell.edu/about_staff_levine.php
Kevin Covey's Web Site and Bio -- http://www2.lowell.edu/users/kcovey/

NOTE: The folks at Lowell would like us to include as many people as possible and participation in the LARI component associated with the event is open to anyone interested, not just RCA members and not even just people who attend the meeting.

Discovery Channel Telescope -- http://www.lowell.edu/dct.php
Technical Page for the DCT's Primary Instrument, the Large Monolithic Imager -- http://lowell.edu/techSpecs/LMI/LMI.html
Lowell Amateur Research Initiative (LARI) -- http://www.lowell.edu/LARI_welcome.php
LARI Sign-Up Page -- http://www.lowell.edu/LARI_create_account.php

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