RCA Sister Clubs

The mission of the Rose City Astronomers is to provide opportunities for our members, as well as the general public, to pursue their education and interest in astronomy. This mission is shared by countless amateur astronomy clubs and groups throughout the United States and around the world. We all share an interest in the night sky, and we love to share it with others. At the same time, we are eager to enjoy viewing the splendors of the night sky only seen from other parts of the world.

Building upon independent efforts of club members, RCA has established a Sister Club Program “for the purpose of sharing mutual astronomical interests and resources” with astronomy clubs in far-away places.


Current Sister Clubs:

Grupo de Astronomos Mendocinos Aficionados (GAMA), Mendoza, Argentina [see: GAMA History]


Recently, RCA has joined the Astronomers Without Borders club pairing program which offers another exciting way for RCA and our members to develop relationships with other amateur astronomers and clubs around the world. We look forward to working with global clubs on common interests such as public outreach, growing our clubs, and sharing cultural and astronomical experiences. While some of these relationships may evolve into a formal Sister Club relationship, others may remain as informal friendships and exchange of visits. As the world grows more intertwined, we are happy to participate in whatever form of friendship may develop with our fellow astronomers, where ever they are.


If you would like to find out more about the RCA Sister Club Program, or have an interest in exploring a relationship with RCA, please contact Margaret McCrea, RCA Sister Club Program Coordinator at (sisterclubs@rosecityastronomers.org).


RCA Sister Club guidelines
Revised 1/1/2014




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