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RCA Resources & Information


Various Acronyms used by RCA

Getting Started in Astronomy (PDF file)
From Sky & Telescope Magazine

How to Start Right
From Sky & Telescope Magazine

This Week's Sky At A Glance
From Sky & Telescope Magazine

Using a Map at the Telescope
From Sky & Telescope Magazine

Books for Beginners
Where to start for books, charts, magazines, etc.

How To Start
Some tips on how to start

An introduction to observing

Types of telescopes
Refractors, Reflectors, Dobs
What's the Difference?

Getting Started
How to use a telescope

Star Gazing Tips
Handy tips for beginners

An introduction to the night sky

Rose City Astronomers Youth Program
Astronomy Classes and Resources

Web Forum available to RCA members


RCA Telescope Workshop
Help for all levels and sizes of telescopes, from making your own mirror, tuning up and learning how to use your scope, to building a monster

Binoculars for Astronomy
All about using binoculars!

How far is it?
Astronomical units and distances

Star Atlases
A guide to books

Deep Sky

Dark Skies - IDA

This week's Sky at a Glance from Sky & Tel Magazine

The Sky This Week from Astronomy Magazine

Monthly Sky Charts from Orion Telescopes

Monthly Sky Charts from Skymaps

Today's Sun from Spaceweather

Visible Satellite Flybys from Spaceweather

American Meteor Society list of Meteor Showers
You can also report Fireballs here

Comet Chasing this month from Skyhound

Caldwell List
With individual pages for notes and drawings

Guide to Guiding
PHD Guiding is designed to be "Push Here Dummy" simple, yet provide powerful, intelligent auto-guiding of your telescope for both PCs and Macs.

SkyTools3 is software designed from the ground up for observing and includes a complete set of software tools for observation planning, charting, and logging.

Messier Lists
Log File by Howard Knytych
Simple Check Off list
Detailed Log - 110 pages (340kb)
Ultimate Messier Log (1.8mb)
Check Off list by RA
Telrad Charts
List for Binoculars

How to Program the Diggr8 display


Introduction to Star Parties

Star Party Supplies

Observing Tips

Star Party Etiquette

RCA Star Party Schedule

Astronomical League Observing Club Awards
for RCA Members

Astronomical League Observing Clubs

Astronomical League Notes
Polar Alignment in the Field
Astronomical Pronunciation Guide
Winter Star Watching Project - Pleiades
What Time Is It?
Celestial Coordinate Systems
Observing Programs of the Astronomical League I -- Deep Sky
Using Setting Circles
Astronomical Pronunciation Guide
Accurate Polar Alignment
Astrophotography I - Star Trails
Astrophotography II - Projection Systems
Basic Astronomical Data
So, You Want to Buy a Telescope?
Reporting a Discovery

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