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The Beginners’ Bests

Best All-Around Introductory Books

  • For general astronomy & charts: “Nightwatch” by Terrence Dickinson (ISBN 0-920656-89-7) - Also available at RCA Sales Table at the general meeting
  • For learning the constellations: “The Stars – A New Way to See Them” by H. A. Rey - available in the RCA Library

Best Set of Star Charts - Beginners

  •  “Wil Tirion’s BRIGHT STAR ATLAS 2000.0” Willmann-Bell, Inc. P. O. Box 35025 Richmond , VA 23235 - Also available at RCA Sales Table at the general meeting

Best Beginning Observing Program Books

  • “The Messier Album” by John H. Mallas and Evered Kreimer ISBN 0-93346-04-2
  • “Observe the Messier Objects” Astronomical League publication – available at RCA Sales Table

Best Monthly Magazines

Super Astronomy Web Sites

The 5 absolute musts to support your astronomy enjoyment

  • A good light-gathering telescope on a solid/heavy mount or tripod.
  • A good reference book.
  • A Telrad type finder scope.
  • A red flashlight.
  • Star charts appropriate to the skill level.

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