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Digigr8 User's Manual
Printable version here

Programming was difficult following the manufacturers instructions, but that was mostly due to poorly written English. I have re-written those instructions and have added the re-written those instructions here. The name tags can be set to one of 7 brightness levels. They can also be programmed to 7 different scroll rates

Digigr8 User’s Manual:

The User Manual supplied with this product is extremely hard to understand. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. I have attempted here to re-write the manual in understandable English. Thanks, and happy programming!

Operator Controls:

  1. There are three control buttons on the back
  2. The On/Off button also serves as the “Enter” button
  3. Page Up scrolls through the alphabet from Z to A
  4. Page Down scrolls through the alphabet from A to Z
  5. The Page Up and Page Down buttons also control other functions which will be described later.

Battery installation and removal:

  1. There are two batteries supplied with the unit; only one is needed. The other is a spare. The battery type is a “CR2032”, available at most camera shops and many other locations
  2. Turn the unit over (display down) and you will see where it says “Open”
  3. Use a fingernail to pry the battery compartment open. It is very stiff and may not open easily
  4. Insert one of the supplied batteries with the writing facing up and slide the case closed again

Programming Instructions – INPUT Function:

  1. Press the Page Up button to activate the programming mode. Pressing the Page Up button again takes you to the Speed function, and pressing it a third time takes you to the Brightness (LUM) function.
  2. While in the Input function, press the Enter key to start the programming function.
  3. Press the Page Up key repeatedly until you get the first letter of the name you wish to display. For example, if you wish to enter the name “Larry”, press the Page up button until the letter “L” is displayed.
  4. Press the Enter button to lock in your choice. Repeat the process, advancing through the alphabet using the Page Up or Page Down keys, to get to the next letter (a), the press Enter again. Repeat this process for each letter until you are done.
  5. IMPORTANT: If your name contains a double letter (such as the two r’s in Larry), after inputting the first “R”, either go up to “S”, or down to “Q”, then back to “R”, and press Enter.
  6. If you wish to use both your first and last names, add a space between them by pressing Enter a second time after inputting the last letter of your first name. For example, after entering the “y” for Larry, press Enter to lock in the choice, then press Enter again to create a space before your last name. Enter your last name using the same process as before.
  7. After entering the last letter of your name, either wait ten (10) seconds or press Page Down for 3 seconds. This will cause the display to return to the display mode and your name should scroll across the screen.

Programming Function – SPEED Function:

  1. Press the Page Up key to access the programming function.
  2. Press Page Up again to access the Speed function. You should see the word “SPEED” scrolling across the screen.
  3. Press Enter. You should see a numeral “1” on the right side of the screen. This is the slowest speed.
  4. Press the Page Up key to increase the speed or Page Down to decrease the speed. The Speed ranges from 1 to 7.
  5. Press Enter to confirm your choice.

Programming Function – Brightness Function:

  1. Press the Page Up key to access the programming function.
  2. Press Page Up twice more to access the Brightness function. (Your screen should now show LUM scrolling across the screen).
  3. Press the Page Up Key to increase the brightness or Page Down to decrease the brightness. The brightness ranges from 1 to 7.
  4. Press Enter to confirm your choice.

We suggest using the lowest brightness level for use at star parties.

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