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Join RCA Student Membership and Astronomy Academy

for students in Grades 5-8 who are NOT RCA Family members

Your RCA Student Membership will be good until June 30th of 2016.

RCA Student Membership $12
Introduction to Observing $50

Please also fill out the Student Registration Form

Enter Student Name
Student Email Address
Student access to the RCA Forum

Please select 'yes' or 'no'
If you allow the Student access
We will also give a Parent access

Your address & email are kept private and
we do not give out any information.

Parent's Name
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1. Please fill in the Blanks above

Your RCA Student Membership will be good until June 30th of 2016.

2. Then click on the "Pay Now" button below.

Note: If you indicated that you wish to allow the Student access to the RCA Forum, it will take only about a day or so.

Membership is not just about personal benefits, membership dues support the work that RCA does in the community to promote the enjoyment and science of astronomy. Speakers, public star parties, classes and support for astronomy in schoolrooms, and outreach programs just to name a few of the programs that our membership dues support.

The $12 Membership dues are tax deductible.

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