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RCA Outreach and Education Vision Statement

RCA shall use its resources, expertise, and member-volunteers to develop and implement programs and projects
throughout our city, state and region that will serve to introduce and educate the general public on astronomy, and
facilitate their participation in observing opportunities.

Outreach Activities

RCA sponsors and participates in a variety of activities and events designed to expose the general public to astronomy, telescopes and observing, including:

Education Activities

To request assistance from RCA in organizing a star party or educational activity for your organization or group:

Send an email to: outreach@rosecityastronomers.org with these details:

a. Type of activity you are planning
b. Date of activity
c. Time of activity
d. Location
e. Approximate number of participants

xxx Please Note:
  1. All requests are subject to RCA being able to recruit enough member-volunteers to participate.
  2. All outdoor observing activities are, of course, subject to being canceled due to cloudy weather.
  3. Assistance to community service organizations, schools, and other non-profits is provided at no cost by RCA volunteers (although any contribution is welcome).
  4. Assistance to private parties, or for-profit businesses or events, is also available, with the following suggested donation to RCA:
    a. $100 - small group (<20 guests)
    b. $200 - medium group ( 20-50 guests)
    c. $300 - large group (50-100 guests )
    d. $400 - extra-large group (>100 guests)
    e. The number of volunteers and telescopes provided by RCA will vary based on the estimated number of guests in order to provide everyone a fun and educational experience.
  5. If you would like an event on a specific date, it is recommended that you contact RCA at least 2 months in advance of your date. Less time is needed if you are flexible on the dates and some events, such as daytime solar viewing, can be done with shorter notice.
  6. RCA is an all-volunteer organization, therefore we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to honor your request � but we will do our best. Realize also that on New Moon weekends most members are out observing, and our volunteer-pool shrinks.

The Rose City Astronomers is committed to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all its programs and activities. RCA shall not discriminate on the basis of race; national or ethnic origin; color; sex; religion; age; sexual orientation; gender expression or identity; pregnancy; marital status; familial status; mental or physical disability or perceived disability; or military service in any of its programs and activities.

Contact for all requests: outreach@rosecityastronomers.org

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