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Discount Magazine Subscriptions for Rose City Astronomers

When does my magazine show up?
Note that it takes them few weeks to update their records, and then the magazines ship 5-6 weeks early

On the General Meeting nights:

We collect any magazine renewals and new subscriptions (cash or checks, no credit cards).

During the week after the meeting:

We check all the applications against the current membership list.
We prepare letters to the magazine companies with the subscription information.
We deposit the checks into the RCA Club bank account.
We mail an RCA check to the magazine companies.

It takes two months before you will get your new subscription because:

It takes a week to process the info and get the check and info to the publisher's outsourced registration office.
It takes them a week or so to process the information.
They then print up the labels 2-3 weeks in advance of the mailing
They mail out the magazine about 5-6 weeks in advance of the month listed on the cover

If you Subscribe
at this RCA meeting

Then two months later You will receive
the Issue for
January March May
February April June
March May July
April June August
May July September
June August October
July September November
August October December
September November January
October December February
November January March
December February April

It takes two months to renew your subscription:.

If your subscription
expires with this issue

You must renew
by this RCA meeting

So that two months
later in
You will receive
the Issue for
January October December February
February November January March
March December February April
April January March May
May February April June
June March May July
July April June August
August May July September
September June August October
October July September November
November August October December
December September November January

In between meetings We still accept renewals and new subscriptions, but do not process them until the next meeting.

For More Information:  For help contact the Treasurer

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