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Discount Magazine Subscriptions for Rose City Astronomers


Sky and Telescope Magazine

Once you have subscription through RCA then next year you can renew online directly at Sky & Telescope providing you are still a member of RCA.

You Must Order from RCA to get this special rate

$44 per year

Yes, I know your form says 43.95
but the extra nickel helps pay for the stamps and envelopes and I like round numbers.

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Note: Sky and Telescope has a digital only version on line - however, you get the digital version included free with your print subscription.

 However, be aware that if you order or renew online they will renew it next year automatically unless you notify them in advance.

$44 per year

A monthly magazine for the amateur astronomer, both beginner and advanced.  Every month, articles that cover both the science and hobby of astronomy. Magnificent photography and a monthly sky chart shows you where and when to look, and more´┐Ż

Regular Departments:

  • S&T Test Reports - Report on new equipment
  • Celestial Calendar - What's in the sky this month
  • Letters - Feedback from subscribers
  • 50 & 25 Years Ago - Articles from yesteryear
  • Star Trails - Monthly article by David Levy
  • News Notes - What's new in the news
  • Mission Update - Latest on space exploration
  • New Product Showcase -  New goodies
  • Software Showcase -  Software for the astronomer
  • Books & Beyond - Stuff for the astronomer
  • Amateur Events - Star parties and such
  • Lunar Notebook - What's up on the moon
  • Deep-Sky Notebook - What's up in the deep sky
  • Gallery - Great pictures
You can check the status of your subscription online at:
Sky & Telescope Online Store - No regular discounts, but lots of Astronomy related Books, Supplies, and Equipment.

For More Information:  Contact the Treasurer

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