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Astronomy Magazine

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$34 for one year

$60 for two years

$83 for 3 years

A monthly magazine for the amateur astronomer, both beginner and advanced. Every month, articles that cover both the science and hobby of astronomy. Magnificent photography and a monthly sky chart shows you where and when to look, and more..

Regular Departments:

  • Behind the Scenes - What's up at Astronomy.
  • Sky Gems - A really neat picture each month.
  • Talking Back - Feedback from subscriber
  • Astro News - Latest in astronomical news
  • Sky  Show - What's up this month
  • Ask Astro - Questions and answers
  • Astronomy 101 - The beginners corner
  • The Savvy Astronomer - Advanced viewing
  • Star Stuff - Books and astronomy goodies
  • Strange Universe
  • Looking Ahead - What's Coming
  • Advertiser Index
  • Hot Shots
  • Ultimate Exposure
  • Subscribers also get unlimited access to premium content on Astronomy.com

Equipment Review Archive: Information and tips about choosing and using your equipment
StarDome Plus: Animated 3-D view of the solar system
Interactive Star Atlas: 24 zoomable full-color star maps
Web Extras: Photo of the Day archive, The Sky this Month, Ask Astro archive, and much more!

While you can't renew your subscription at club prices on the Astronomy website, you can check the status of your subscription online at:
Astronomy Online Store - No regular discounts, but lots of Astronomy related Books, Supplies, and Equipment.

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